Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation

Using GIS4U mobile components, allows online management of field work with geographic references.

Main features

  • A manager can supervise the ongoing work through a web portal;
  • All people locations can be viewed on the map through a web portal;
  • Select available resources nearest to the place where an assistance ticket has been reported;
  • The system generates the best route to the place of assistance;
  • Visualization of resource details on the map;
  • The worker, in situ, with a smartphone,  is able to:
    • Get new requests;
    • Manage assigned tickets on the agenda;
    • To every inputted task/ticket is automatically assigned its location (through smartphone GPS, Cell Tower ID or Wi-Fi);
    • Record usage of materials on task;
    • Add pictures to task/ticket.


  • Centralize information from multiple and distributed teams;
  • Online monitoring of resources;
  • Increase efficiency of field working teams.
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