Business Process Management

Document Management


This solution allows any institution or association to manage its members. Our application is suited for financial mutualist organizations, managing insurance and funds across all their life cycles. The application was built upon open-source software, thus reducing licensing costs.

Main functionalities

  • Member identification;
  • Comprehensive search with multiple criteria;
  • Issuing receipts;
  • Checking account control;
  • Means of payment control;
  • Exchange of transactions files with financial institutions:
  • Automatic update of contributions on an incremental modality;
  • Subscription cessation;
  • Automatic link to General Ledger;
  • Automatic issuing official tax documents;
  • Actuarial calculus;
  • Benefits distribution calculus;
  • Automatic issuing of documents to members.

This membership application can be enhanced with the integration of our document management system.



Our document management system stores digital documents that can be converted, shared, searched and visualized.

Leverages business processes, leans and standardizes systems and procedures. Covers all workflow steps of a given document type.

The application was built upon open-source software, reducing licensing costs.


  • Quick and secure access to documents;
  • Productivity enhancement;
  • Saving time, paper, document copies;
  • Easy to use, customizable to each organization specific needs.

Main features

  • Structured: Allows a limitless structure of folders, processes and separators;
  • Pre-Configured: Default values for parameters, messages and life cycle phases;
  • Advanced Search of documents and processes, using multiple attributes, dates and file content, among other options;
  • Process Search by type, status, number, text and dates, among others;
  • Normalization of all kinds of documents within the organization;
  • Process standardisation;
  • Indexing of both documents and processes, by means of identity stamps created in a  structured, parameterizable way;
  • Mentoring of workflow action in each step, defaulting texts and users, while respecting defined constraints;
  • Controls time spent on each task;
  • Alerts on delays and incoming tasks to users and managers;
  • Messages/Tasks are issued for internal users;
  • Automatic forward of document or process to user or group of users;
  • Read request of document to user or group of users;
  • Stamping of paper document with system data, such as number, date, user;
  • Scanning of paper document to pdf file;
  • Linking of files, with multiple formats/extensions to the main document,  either means of selection or drag-and-drop;
  • Versioning of files;
  • Auditing of all system entities, recording who and when created or updated data.


Our solution allows the full dematerialization of all steps in the life cycle of a meeting, meaning, the translation to information systems of all meeting procedures, from the setup to the final document module. The online interface allows users to access, monitor and participate in the meeting, including casting votes. Digital signatures can be assigned.


  • Access, monitor and participate (approvals, proposals, internal decisions) in the meeting;
  • Voting;
  • Automatic formulation of documents (executive summaries, document modules, etc.);
  • Authentication through digital signature protocols.
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