Sistema de Informação Geográfica - GIS4U


Developing web-based geographic information systems since 2005, Advantis has the know-how that allows it to deliver to the Customer GIS solutions with high added value. Despite the many tailor-made solutions we have developed, we focus on GIS4U products.

  • Use of any type of basic cartography namely: Google, Bing, Open Street Map, MapQuest, ArcGIS Services;
  • It provides a framework oriented to web services, which allows the easy integration of its specific functionalities with other systems;
  • Dynamic creation of back-office portals;
  • Dynamic creation of registration forms (themes) and information search in each portal. Viewing records in list and on the map;
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Gis4Media is a product developed for online press. This project was one of the winning projects of the Google Digital News Initiative Program.

The software automatically integrates Eurostat, World Bank and Portugal’s Statistics Institute data, which allows journalists to automatically receive and distribute statistic indicators on Multimedia Maps, embeded in the news article.

 The online newspaper’s readers may interact with the map in several ways, namely:

  • View statistics on a region colored map. Hovering over each region, shows value and description accordingly;
  • Change base map;
  • Pan, zoom in and out;
  • Extract data to excel or image file;
  • Filter regions per values (using a range slider control);
  • View each region’s detailed data in charts – Clicking each region shows the values through time (e.g. per year) and scattered per data type.
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GIS4Info is a Multimedia Maps service that Advantis makes available through the GIS4U platform. Advantis can produce your Multimedia Maps by simply sending us the respective files or showing us the statistics of Ine, WorldBank or Eurostat, which you want to see in your Infographics. This Map can be made available on your Internet or Intranet site, without any additional work, without losing its qualities:

  • Interactivity, the map allows Zoom in any region of your choice. Multimedia Maps can switch between: Google Satellite, Google Street, Terrain Google, OpenStreetMap.
  • When you click on a particular region of the map, a graph of the evolution of the statistical data in that region appears. This statistic can be numerical or sectoral.
  • Each country, region, nuts, parish is represented by a color on the map and a different statistical indicator.
  • Colors and ranges of values ​​can either be generated automatically or chosen by the user
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GIS4Risk was developed from the GIS4U system. It is a GIS solution for insurance companies, which has the need to measure the risks of their apolices. The system uses geo-referencing in order to improve the costing process of an insurance policy using external and internal statistics. This product is able to provide the following information as: Territory risk level, Fire probability, Flood, Land area, Distance to the airport, Distance from the ocean, Distance from the police station, Elevation and Longitude, Average plot price, Average house building price, Average house size by region, Average building date, Crime rate in a given region.

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Sistema de Informação Geográfica - GIS4Mun


In order to respond to the pressing needs of municipalities regarding the management, use and sharing of municipal geographic information, Advantis has developed a SIG – GIS4Mun website – which can be used by any department of the municipality, as well as by residents. From the point of view of the internal users of each department, they can manage the information of their modules (eg Urbanism or Environment), and may even publicly share the data they want. As for the public use of the webSIG ​​by the citizen, several modules or functionalities are accessible, namely researching points of interest, issuing plants (e.g. PDM), reporting problems in the module “My Street”, etc.

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